7 Guided Missile Coy RAOC

All ex REME / RAOC out there, please contact us with your details, photo's and memories
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36 Heavy AD Regiment Workshops

The Workshops were the largest 1st Line type in operation. Commanded by a Major but each of
the two systems Platoons had a Major in charge. They also had their own ASM, so the Workshop had
 three in total. The three Platoons were K, L and M. M Platoon were the black hand gang supporting three
 Batteries (10, 111 and later 43), and supporting 260 (SAM) Signal Squadron. The accommodation in
 Napier Barracks was located in the compound at the far end of the Camp in the old Luftwaffe buildings
and the Wksp HQ was in the Air Traffic Control Tower. The majority of the men worked out on the runway
where the Radars were always operational.

Where are they now?
If you know the whereabouts of the following REME
Personnel from D Troop, Dragon Battery please contact me.

Ginge Cheshire
George Bedford
Tony Heathcote
Tony Thompson
Pete Matthews
Joe Moreland
Ken Hugill
Adam Faith
Dave Stevens
Harry Hunt

Please Contact
John Langdon (Horace) served with REME  36 in Duisburg as an ECE. John would
like to make contact with any of his old comrades. John's contact details are listed
on the E-Mail Contact Page.

Please Contact
Keith Drew served with REME Workshops attaced to B & C Troops, 10 Bty between
 1973-77. Keith would like to make contact with anyone who remembers him.
Please contact Keith on the following Phone Number: 01446 676730

7 Guided Missile Coy RAOC

I recently received this message from Michael Frend who served with 7 GM Coy
 at Wulfen, do you remember him? if so please contact him at the link below.

Hi Keith,
My name is Michael Frend and I wonder if you could possibly help me ?
I served with 7 GM Coy in Wulfen Germany from 1971 and was one of the last RAOC soldiers to
leave after it's disbandment, a total of 6 years service, the best years of my life without doubt.

I arrived in Wulfen as a Private and left as a corporal. And accompanied 36 Heavy Air defence
to Aberporth once a year on live firing exercises. Plus many field exercises in and around Germany.
I was a Supply Specialist, but also transported and built the "Thunderbird 2" missile.

I also drove the very old but very able "JUMBO CRANE" before the AEC heavy recovery
vehicle took over the lifting duties. I have a few pictures of the missile whilst we were on
exercise plus a few of me loading railway wagons in Wulfen with Missile "cigars" which would
have been their last journey as they were destined for the Car Crusher.

I would particularly like to hear from any person who remembers me during my time
spent with 7GM in Germany and 3 tours in Northern Ireland.

If You could possibly help by telling me how to make myself known (on your fantastic web site)
to any of my past comrades I would be extremely grateful.
Thankyou very much for all your help.
Kindest regards.

Your Photos are wanted
E-mail them Today!

This is the Fuse Key presented to Ken Brown E Troop REME in
1972. My thanks to Ken Brown for passing this on.

The late Stan Blachford and Geoff Earnest
on Exercise with 60 Bty.

John Miller, RAOC 1968-1975 would like to hear from any of the
above who worked on the Ammo Dept in Sharjah 1970-71.
Contact through me please.

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