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Quarter Guard at Glamorgan Barracks 1966.
This photo was taken opposite the block where a Sergeant Major Emmett -Dunne
hanged the body of  his wife's lover after he had murdered him.
Thanks to George Stacey for the photo and info.

36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment was stationed at Glamorgan Barracks, Duisburg,
BFPO 34 from Nov 1961 until January 1967.

The Barracks at Duisburg Wanheim were first known as New Yard Barracks and were built in
1936/37 within a very short time. The plans for the barracks were drawn up in the 1920's,
that's why the design of the buildings differ from other 1930 style military buildings.
The former Sgts Mess has a Bulb Tower design. The barracks were renamed when
British Forces took over after the Second World War.

As a result of the Berlin Wall in 1961, BAOR was reinforced by several units from the UK, including
36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment. The Regiment moved from Shoeburyness to West Germany, and were
initially stationed in Mansergh Barracks, Gutersloh. However by the end of 1961 they had begun
to move to the now relatively empty Glamorgan Barracks.

The Regiment's two Batteries at that time were 56 and 60 Heavy Air Defence Batteries. There was
also a REME Workshop, RAOC Stores Section and a Royal Signals Section. In 1966 the Regiment
was re-equipped with Thunderbird 2 and it soon became apparent that the Equipment Compounds
in Glamorgan Barracks were not large enough to contain the radio frequency hazard of the
more powerful Radars, and consequently, by January 1967, the Regiment left the
Barracks for Napier Barracks, Dortmund.


HQ Battery and 56 Battery occupied Block 4
60 Battery were housed in Block 6.
The ACC Training School BAOR were in Block 5 with the swimming pool in the front.
77 Telecommunications Workshops REME were also in residence in the Barracks.

My thanks to David O'Connor for this photo of the
Officers of 36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment in 1966 at Duisburg

Front Row: Major Jones, Major Barry Lay (REME Wksp), Major Peter Robinson (BC 60 Bty),
Major John Gallie (2IC), Lt Col Dick Purvis (CO), Capt David O'Connor (Adjt),
Major Derek Kennedy (BC), Major Bob 250 Decibel2 Snell, Capt (QM).

2nd Row: Capt Guthrie Kenny, Capt John Bagshaw-Mattei, Major Colin McHutcheon (Paymaster),
Capt (Tech QM), Capt Bob Greig, Capt Roger Bacon, Capt "Boggy" Marsh, Lt (REME Wksp),
Capt Angus MacDonald.

3rd Row: Capt Trevor Elkins (REME Wksp), Lt Adrian Caruana, Lt ?, Lt Nick Cameron,
Lt (TIG), Lt?, Lt?, Capt?(REME Wksp).

Rear Row: Capt John Hamilton, Lt? (REME Wksp), Capt?, Lt Graham Hollands, Lt Peter Sudbury (AAdjt),
Lt Bob B?, Capt Adrian Stickley.

My thanks to George Stacey RIP for this Photo of 36 Regiment WOs and Sgt Mess
which was taken when the Regiment was stationed in Duisburg.

Forth Row: Sgt Collins, Sgt Kemp, Sgt Goodwin, Sgt Davidson, Sgt Bills, Sgt Jones, Sgt Frost, Sgt Pointing, Sgt Stewart.

Third Row: Sgt Artis, Sgt Butler, Sgt Lane, Sgt Collins, Sgt Brice, Sgt Boughton, Sgt McEntee, Sgt Campbell, Sgt Amos,
Sgt Greenland, Sgt Hughes, Sgt Moore, Sgt Ogden.

Second Row: S.Sgt (SSI) Turner, S/Sgt Matyear, S/Sgt Butterfield, S/Sgt Morris, S/Sgt Neale, S/Sgt Bullen, S/Sgt Copeland,
S/Sgt Eldred, Sgt Vincent-Sqibb, Sgt Teale, Sgt Cansick, S/Sgt Ferguson, S/Sgt Hopkins, S/Sgt Lyell,
S/Sgt Rumble BEM, S/Sgt Hills, S/Sgt Blogg, S/Sgt Lane.

Front Row: WO11 (CQMS) Stoddard, WO11 (SQMS) Fox, WO11 (BSM) Chambers, WO11 (BSM) Goodall-French,
WO11 (BSM) Rowlands, WO11 (BSM) Budden, WO11 (T/RQMS) Plumb, WO1 (RSM) Parmenter MBE,
Lt Col R H Purvis MBE RA, WO1 (ASM) Vine, WO11 (RQMS) Lawson, WO11 (BSM) Turell, WO11 (AQMS) Ford,
WO11 (BSM) Gosling, WO11 (AQMS) Belcher, WO11 (AQMS) Richards, WO11 (SQMS) Fuller.

Plan of Barracks from 1985

The last parts of BAOR left Duisburg  in 1993, and since then little has changed, only Block 4 has
been demolished in the Spring of 2002. Instead of this Block there is now the Workshop of the
 " Deutsche Oper am Rhein", a theater cooperation between the cities of Duisburg and Dusseldorf.
All the other Block's are preserved, but are not in a good condition and are due for demolition,
a small Industrial Park and some housing is to be built on the site. In recent times it
has served as a Refugee Camp, and a "Trash and Treasure" market, selling of all things
bits and pieces from the old Soviet block countries. The former Officers Mess could be
used for a group of Trade Associations, or similar use.

A Trip down Memory Lane
for those who served in Duisburg

1st April 2004

I have just received the news that the GFW (Gesellschaft fur Wirtschaftsforderung) Company have
demolished all of the Barracks and are to build a Business Park and Flats on the site.

The former Officers Mess is in use for a group of Trade Associations called Haus der Unternehmer,
from the company GFW Duisburg.

So it now seems to be the end for the Barracks as you will remember them. I am happy that you
will at least have your memories from the pictures on this Website.

My sincere thanks to Falko in Duisburg for this information.

Glamorgan Barracks
Do you remember these Locations?

My thanks to Eric Zeppenfeld for the above Photo. I would also like to thank him
for sending me a copy of the History of Glamorgan Barracks 1937-1985.

If you have any photos or memories of Duisburg please
let me have them for inclusion on this page.

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A collection of Duisburg Photo's has been added
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 donated by Fred (Jock) Ellis, HQ Bty 1962-65


Napier Barracks, March 1998

The former barracks area at the Oesterstrasse (Napier Barracks)
is a very large area to redevelop, and this could take a long time to plan and organize.
During the First World War it had been used for Pilot training. After the war plans were
made for it to become an Airport, with Airmail traffic starting in 1921.
The Airfield was known as Dortmund - Brackel.

An Air Traffic Company was set up and furnished a small office in the Barrack in 1921,
with regular flights to Bremen, Frankfurt, Rotterdam and London.
Passenger flights came along in the following years.

In 1934 the German Military started to use the Airfield for their on purposes and plans for
the new Air Base began. In 1936 Staff and 1 Group of the Destroyer Squadron "Refuge Wessel",
later renamed ZG26 took over operation with BF 109's and 110's.
In 1938 it received its concrete runway, which was also used by civilian Airlines.

During the Second World War the Air base was used by different combat forces, defence and
maintenance staff. In 1941 1,000 soldiers were accommodated in the barracks.
Beside the Destroyer Squadron there were also fighter pilots stationed there. Before the
end of the war, on the 28th March 1945, the last air units leave the Airfield,
except for about 70 who remained  for defence.

Before their departure the last German troops blew up the runway, hangers and other
technical buildings. On the 12th April a American Tank Unit occupies the area, and two months
later the area is seized by the British Armed Forces.

In the first post war years, different units of the British Army are stationed at the barracks.
In 1953 flying is again allowed from the Airfield, but from 1959 civilian flying is ended by
a NATO resolution and the Barracks and Airfield are taken over by BAOR.

36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment were stationed at Napier Barracks 1967-68 and 1971-77.

It was  used by the British Army up until the GulfWar,
after which Dortmund Garrison closed, and BAOR ceased to operate.
The old Runway has been converted to make the St Barbara's Royal Dortmund Golf Club.

Napier Barracks 2003

Thanks to Gary Cross for the following news about the camps in Dortmund:

"I tried today to enter Napier Barracks but had no success. The camp is the only one still standing here in Dortmund as all the other camps have been demolished.

At the B1 (dual carriage way that runs through Dortmund) they are building offices and homes and at camp 7 (that's where the big NAAFI stood), they are building new houses. Cornwall school is still there, it is now called Europe school (a German secondary school).

Napier Barracks however was closed in 1995 and has been standing empty since then, it's being turned now into a training ground for Borussia Dortmund FC and they want to keep the Nature reserve. The Golf Club has 19 holes now and they want to build more houses in that area."

My sincere thanks to Bernhard Weiss for the
use of the above picture taken in 2001.

August 2004
This is the latest picture we have of Napier Barracks,
you will notice many of the Buildings have now been demolished.

Napier July 2007
Sadly the whole Camp has now been demolished

Some Personalities from the Regiment in Dortmund

February 1972
Commanding Officer   Lt Col Groom
 BC Dragon Battery    Major R Bacon

March 1975
Regimental Headquarters
Lt Col Graham Monk
Major Terry Brecht
Captain Gerry Relph
Lt Taff Lewis
QM (A)
Captain (QM)Len Haddow
QM (T)
Captain (QM)Bill Harris
Captain Mike Gaffney
OC RHQ Troop
Lt Mick Head
Captain Peter Letford
OC Recruiting Team
Lt Mike Stubbington
Mrs Mollie Hill
WO1 (RSM) J McDonald
10 (Assaye) Battery
Major Alfred Cassar
Captain Nigel Noble
A Troop Comd
Lt Jack Wills
A Troop Ldr
2Lt Richard Worts
B Troop Comd
Captain Charles Oakley
C Troop Comd
Captain Nick d'Apice
Captain (TIG) Gordon Booker
WO2 (BSM) J Thornton

111 (Dragon) Battery
Major John Logan
Captain Digby Carter
D Troop Comd
Lt Rick Radice
D Troop Ldr
Lt Martin Palmer
E Troop Comd
Captain Tony Scarisbrick
E Troop Ldr
2Lt Paul Kelly
F Troop Comd
Captain Andrew Goodman
F Troop Ldr
2Lt Paul Atwell
Captain (TIG) Jim Shovlin
WO2 (BSM) V Lowry

A Message to all who served in Dortmund
from Ted Edwards

Hi Gunners!

Did you serve in the many Arty. Regts. that were part of Dortmund Garrison? I'm trying to compile as much
information as possible about the barracks, who served there as part of BAOR, the former Occupation Forces
(many infantry units formed in Dortmund) and of course when the barracks were occupied by the Werhmacht prior
and during WW2. The Flak Regts. defending Dortmund, the many other troops and the Luftwaffe in
Richthofen Kaserne, Dortmund's first Airport (Napier Barracks). Obviously the other barrack's names would
of been different during Werhmacht's presence.

So, any information great or small, would be most appreciated. Photos, stories etc. etc. Hopefully I may
then have as much info to turn into a web-site or even a publication? what ever the outcome, I need your help.
I have a fair bit of info on Napier having served there and I was initially going to do just this barrack's history,
but I think Dortmund's past stretches further and far beyond this former airfield and I'm sure former
gunners of Dortmund would agree!

Regards, Ted

You can contact Ted here:

You may remember some of these
Dortmund Locations

Camp 7

Suffolk Barracks
Headquarters Dortmund/Menden Station
48 Army Education Centre
British Forces Post Office
Garrison Officers Mess
Mobile Civilian Artisan Group
Royal Military Police Duty Room
Services Liaison Officer
Naafi Families Shop
Barrack Stores

Camp 8

Ubique Barracks

Camp 9

Moore Barracks
District works Office/Property Services Agency

Camp 10
West Riding Barracks
Mobile Civilian Transport Group
MC Squadron RCT
Supply Depot

Napier Barracks
Medical Centre
Dental Centre
NAAFI "B" Shop

Redesdale Barracks
Workshop REME
4 Pioneer Labour Support Unit

Amenities at Napier Barracks
Angling Club
Athletics Track
Golf Club
Swimming Pool

St George's Free Church

Housing Areas

Suffolk Barracks
Cornwall School
Alanbrooke School
Alexandra School

Napier Barracks
Victoria Primary School

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